Shoe cupboard

For the design of this shoe cupboard, or getabako, as typically found in the entry of most Japanese homes, atelier Luke collaborated with Osaka based furniture maker and designer Koichi Sakai, who also made the piece. The design references shoe lockers typically found in Japanese bathhouses, primary schools and pubs, bringing them into a domestic setting in a playful way.

Stacked shoe lockers with wooden keys are fun and familiar for anyone who’s visited a Japanese bathhouse or pub, but provide an unexpected surprise in the entry of a residence. An integrated bench provides a place to sit and change shoes, or is ready to receive bags when returning home with groceries. A small draw below is perfect for keys and other small items.

The piece is made primarily from Japanese oak with an oil finish.

Shoe cupboard


atelier Luke in collaboration with Atelier Territory

Atelier Territory / Koichi Sakai