Holland Park House

Brisbane, Australia

This renovation of a small post-war home brings spaciousness without adding new floor area.

Designed for a young couple with a child on the way, the renovation allows flexibility for the changing needs of a growing family. Working within a tight budget, a strategy was adopted to open up the house without adding costly internal floor space. One internal wall was removed and a new deck built to the backyard, creating a generous open plan living area.

A large opening through bifold doors and outdoor extension of the kitchen encourage use of the exterior covered deck as an additional room. By balancing amenity with the small scale of the home, the new kitchen provides ample working area without dominating the space.

In select areas, carpentry elements bring craft to both the interior and deck, with new roof beams, columns and timber screens adding subtle refinement to this humble home.

Holland Park House

Brisbane, Australia


Loveday Construction