Broken Head Workshop

Byron Shire, Australia

These two farm sheds have been proposed in response to both the brief requirements, to provide storage and workshop space to augment existing farm activities, and to the landscape qualities of the rural site in the Byron Bay hinterland.

The first structure, a small storage/machinery shed, will accomodate both short and long term storage for equipment, machinery and supplies to assist the ongoing use and maintenance of the entire farm site. For easy vehicular and pedestrian access, the shed has been placed adjacent to the existing driveway and within the same paddock enclosure as the existing residence.

The second structure, a small workshop, will provide space for repair and fabrication work associated with the farm and residence. The workshop has been divided into two main spaces; the first to accomodate machinery and the second for handwork and assembly.

In order to protect the existing landscape values of the rural site and to ensure compatibility with the design and character of the existing dwelling, a demure design approach has been adopted for the proposed new works. Rather than have one large structure dominate the site, the brief requirements have been split according to use and are accommodated in the two small sheds; minimising the bulk and scale of the new works.

Emphasising landscape, rather than building, these small structures are sensitively sited to integrate into the existing setting. Working within the current topography, both structures further harmonise with the landscape through the use of green roofs which maintain and enhance visual amenity to and from the site. Hardy ground covers and native grasses will be used primarily in the new landscaping, with the intent of subtly feathering the new work into the existing context with low maintenance and long lasting planting.

Where exposed, the buildings will be clad in a combination of weathering steel and native hardwoods. Both materials are sustainably durable, require little maintenance and complement the Australian rural landscape as they age; becoming earthy red and silvered grey. For the workshop, ample operable elements allow for natural cross ventilation, while carefully oriented deep overhangs provide natural daylight without overheating and protecting against heavy rainfall.

Town planning approval has been granted for the project and construction is anticipated to commence in 2019.

Broken Head Workshop

Byron Shire, Australia

Construction commencing 2019